Hey there! I’m Maor Aka, who’s nuts about physics and engineering. Curiosity got me here – always poking around to see how things tick, and boy, does data engineering scratch that itch! I get to play detective with massive datasets, uncovering secrets and making cool discoveries.

I’ve sharpened my analytical and coding skills to slice through challenges like a hot knife through butter. Keeping up with the latest tech? Absolutely – can’t get left behind in this fast-paced digital world.

When I’m not data wrangling, you can find me in my workshop. Woodworking, metalworking – you name it, I’m probably making something out of it. It’s all about turning the ‘meh’ into ‘wow’ with a touch of creativity.

I’ve got a thing for construction and design too. From revamping spaces to personal projects, it’s all about mixing practical with the pretty.

Outside of work, I’m either riding the waves (surf’s up!) or brewing beer (cheers!). Both are my go-to’s for chilling out and experimenting with nature’s goodies.

And yes, I’m that guy who’s always geeking out about quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, and all that universe stuff. It’s just too cool not to!

Thanks for dropping by my portfolio. It’s packed with my adventures in data engineering and beyond. Got something fun and challenging? Hit me up – let’s make something awesome together! 🚀🛠️📊