Welcome to my project showcase, where each entry reflects the passion and precision involved in the process of building.

SoNeRF – Research on 3D reconstruction with Coherent Synthetic Aperture SONAR using neural radiance field (NeRF) and deep learning models – in Process

Chord Book – Automated book using Spotify playlist – In Process

Speech recognition for animals – Acoustic animal identification using an unsupervised learning project

Super-Resolution – Developed a cutting-edge super-resolution model using deep learning to enhance low-resolution images, achieving high PSNR and SSIM scores with the DIV2K dataset.

Sonar Simulation – Developing an algorithm-driven simulation for active sonar using finite element techniques, simplifying complex concepts for easy understanding.

Career Search“Work Nearby in My Profession” – Introducing a convenient job search engine tailored to your profession. It helps you find nearby companies hiring for your desired position, connecting you directly to their website and career page through Google Maps.

Light train automated analysis – Modeling an algorithm to map nearby buildings along the light rail route and analyze vibrations and noise levels.

Visualize DSP – Create a directory to visualize DSP (Digital Signal Processing) class and function structures simply and understandably.